Contrast is committed to advancing the technological landscape through the art of optical system design and complete-system implementation. We provide our clients with in-house expertise and advice on optical design and image processing. Our vast knowledge allows us to provide concise solutions for proposals and big picture aspects, to critical design details and requirements.

What We Do

Contrast is a leader in optical design and analysis, from extensive OpticStudio 16.5 (formerly Zemax) knowledge and capabilities, to an image splitting process that is being used in producing HDR video for real-time streaming applications such as surveillance and video conferencing. Our designs are thoughtfully analyzed, and meticulously tested and adjusted prior to lens fabrication.

Design &

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We are proud to offer the following services for Optical Design and Analysis:

  • OpticStudio 16.5, Optical Design and Analysis
  • Custom Imaging and Relay Lens Systems
  • Complex Image Splitting for Hybrid Systems

& Software

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Real-time display is valuable for applications that require instant image information for viewing, inspection or additional analysis. Using software development and electronics design tools such as Matlab, Xilinx Tools and OrCAD, we design, develop and build real-time electronics and firmware to meet advanced imaging and non-imaging system requirements.

We are proud to offer the following services for Real-time Electronics & Software:

  • Electronics design for custom cameras
  • JPEG compression engines and algorithms
  • Pointing, acquisition and tracking (PAT) systems
  • Image Processing
  • Panoramic Annular Lens (PAL) image unwrapping


Contrast offers a variety of techniques to design software, hardware and firmware and to assemble lenses, lasers, cameras and other components into embedded systems. We are always focused on reducing system size, weight and power (SWaP), and we strive to mesh our custom solutions with our clients’ existing systems.