We specialize in real-time image processing, optical design and imaging system analysis, algorithm development, electronicsprototyping for manufacturability Our whole-system, integrated approach recognizes all critical systems and components, including cross-over of mechanical, optical, electrical and control systems, to provide a total working solution. We recognize the true nature of our client’s needs and challenges, so we adapt quickly and are able to provide them with the best possible solution, even in the most demanding budgets and deadlines.


Contrast, founded in Albuquerque, NM in 2005, is an optical design and engineering company focused on creating leading-edge, system-level solutions for a variety of partners in military, commercial and consumer markets.

We recognize the true
nature of our client’s
needs and challenges.

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Contrast provides workable, real-time
embedded system solutions that
regularly exceed the industry norms.


Contrast is committed to advancing the technological landscape through the art of optical system design and complete-system implementation.

“In-house” expertise and
advice on optical design
and image processing.

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Contrast gives clients the flexibility
and responsiveness of an in-house
optical design department.


Have you ever wished that you could take a picture with your eyes? Everyone has experienced capturing an image with a regular camera that just doesn’t live up to the depth and brilliance of the actual image that our eyes are seeing.


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