‘On the Go’ Healthy Start Pak (daily packets)

Price: $64.50

Regular Price: $92.14

  • Contains the 90 essential nutrients
  • No liquids
  • Convenient daily packets
  • Great for on-the-go lifestlye or travel

The On-The-Go Healthy Start Pak provides you with 30 small packets that each contain a daily dose of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids your body needs for optimal function.  Each packet includes: Daily™ Multi Vitamin tablets (2), Mineral Caps™ capsule (1), 1 EFA Plus™ Essential Fatty Acids soft gel (1), and CAL® capsule (1).

A convenient way to get your 90 essential nutrients when you’re on the go or prefer no liquid supplements. We refer to the 90 essential nutrients as the 90 for LIFE!

What is the 90forLIFE!?

It’s the 90 essential nutrients your body demands to thrive ~ for LIFE. If 90forLIFE! is in you, then when your body needs nutrients to do its job, they’re all available! This is key.

Remember, these nutrients are no longer in our agricultural soils…

~ so they’re not in the plants that grow there
~ so they’re not in the animals that eat the plants
~ so, ultimately, they’re NOT IN US!

Not until NOW!