Strategic Alliances

Independent Architecture

As an independent recordkeeper, ABG Southwest provides services and solutions that are not restricted or influenced by mutual fund companies or other financial institutions. Banks and insurance companies make money by selling their own proprietary products, but those products may not be in your best interest. We don’t do business this way, instead choosing to put our clients first by providing services that are right for them – not for us. What ABG Southwest offers is “independent architecture” which means you and your investment advisor can select retirement plan investments that are best for you and your employees.


Strong Relationships

We believe one key to successful retirement outcomes is offering a number of good choices.  We offer plan sponsors and investment advisors trading platforms that have an almost unlimited number of funds and payment options. And ABG Southwest receives no commissions or “soft dollars” from these companies so we’re not motivated to steer you in a direction that benefits us. To further protect your bottom line, we also benchmark our fees and the total costs of your plan against industry averages ensuring our fees are competitive, and your employees accounts have the best opportunity to grow and meet their retirement goals.

ABG Southwest’s daily-valuation clients have the option to choose from industry-leading custodians who can service your plan as directed trustee: We will work with you to select the right custodian for your plan.