Online Education & Support


SmartPlan™ is designed to educate and engage employees at any time and location convenient to them. First, video hosts discuss both your plan’s features and the benefits of participating, and then guide users through an informative yet easy interactive process to help them define their risk profile and determine their individual retirement needs, as well as choose plan investments and contribution amounts. For a personalized user experience, the system is integrated with an ABG Southwest database to offer pre-populated investments, automated updates, user tracking and analytics. >> Learn More


GuidancePlus! helps participants make savings and investment decisions for a qualified plan. Using information from the ABG Southwest recordkeeping system and supplemental information entered by employees, GuidancePlus! will:

  • Educate participants about their investment options
  • Recommend specific asset class allocations
  • Provide information and tools to select mutual funds
  • Record participant choices and return investment decisions to our recordkeeping system >> Learn More

The Financial Resource Center

The Financial Resource Center (FRC) is a comprehensive, Web-based, personal financial planning and education tool. It contains four modules, each addressing a different stage of life. In addition to providing retirement information and calculators, the FRC provides participants with valuable information and tools about related financial decisions. These include budgeting, insurance, education funding, Social Security and estate planning.     >> Learn More


A smart solution that really works! Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and much of their take-home pay is going straight toward consumer debt. With the rest of their paycheck allocated to basic living expense, it’s no wonder that retirement contributions are low.

SmartDollar is simple to understand and easy to use—and it produces lasting results! With the right information and effective tools, retirement participants learn that saving for retirement should come from the top line, not the bottom.

To learn how this program can work for you, contact ABG Southwest at     >> Learn More